About the Madison County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office:
100 Northside Square
Courthouse Rm. 206
Huntsville, AL 35801
Fax Numbers:
Courthouse - 256-532-6976
Arcadia Circle - 256-532-3715


The Madison County Sheriffs' Office serves citizens throughout the entire 844 square miles, which make up Madison County. The Sheriffs' Office employs 112 full time Sworn Deputies, 191 full time Correctional Officers, and support staff that totals 374 full time and part time employees. The Sheriffs' Office provides 24 hour Patrol and Response operations as well as a Full Criminal and Narcotics Investigations. Specialized training in Crime Scene processing, canine operations complement the extensive training that Deputies annually receive preparing them to effectively respond to the 83,573 calls for service in 2010.

Madison County Sheriff also has the responsibility of operating the only jail facility in Madison County with the ability to house 1220 persons. The Madison County Detention Facility is the largest single site county jail in Alabama. In 2010 there were 18,566 persons booked into the jail. Specialized training for Correctional Employees allows the Correctional Staff the ability to address any circumstance within the Jail Operation.

The Civil Division Operations is responsible for the execution of Civil Process and mandates of the courts in Madison County. Daily activity includes but is not limited to, court room security, eviction process, protection from abuse orders and subpoenas, court summons, transportation of inmates to court proceedings and then transfer to state correctional facilities.

Four full time employees, three Correctional Officers and one Deputy, operate the Training Division. Training conducted a total of 19,639 man-hours in Enforcement and Corrections training in 2010.

Your Sheriffs' Office is the region 6 Law Enforcement point of contact for the State of Alabama Department of Homeland defense. Covering a 10 county region your Sheriffs' office oversees equipment packages directed to prevention and response with total equipment benefits totaling 2 million dollars and more.

As we continue to grow as community law enforcement will be faced with many challenges, substance abuse increases, our roadways are more congested, calls for service continue to increase, and the need to attract and retain employees dedicated to be public servants. Using technology and becoming more efficient in daily operations we are preparing to continue the level of service that our public is accustomed to into the future.

Blake L Dorning
Sheriff of Madison County