1. Incoming inmate mail not properly addressed: Inmate’s name and Madison County Jail inmate number is REQUIRED or the mail will be returned to sender. A valid return address is required on all incoming mail.

  2. ALL Outgoing inmate mail is subject to search and:
    All outgoing mail will reflect the inmates full name, Madison County Jail inmate number, and address. Mail incorrectly labeled will be returned. No other return address will be listed.

    John William Smith #1234
    Madison County Jail
    PO Box 2047
    Huntsville, AL 35804

  3. No other writings on the outside of the envelope other than the addresses are authorized.

  4. No stickers or labels will be included or attached to incoming or outgoing mail. This includes address labels on incoming mail. Any envelope that has been modified to contain contraband by placing contraband under the stamp of the envelope will result in that inmate’s mail to be metered by the Postal Service and/or that item of mail will be returned to sender.

  5. Holiday/Greeting/Birthday cards are accepted if:
    The card does not contain any music/vocalizations or contain any device that utilizes any type of power source. Cards must not contain metal (including glitter), plastic, or other hard materials, be made or folded in any way that could hide contraband, or be larger than 9 by 12 inches. Do not place a regular postage stamp on the card. Only metered stamps from the post office will be accepted.

    The below listed items are restricted or not authorized:

    1. Any items available on the store, (pens, paper, stamps, etc) will not be accepted thru the mail.

    2. Pictures may be either photographs (up to 4 by 6 inches) or a printed piece of paper or a photocopy (up to 8 ½ by 11 inches). Mounted, framed, or Polaroid pictures are not allowed. No photographs exhibiting lewd, sexual, criminal behavior or gang related behavior or writings are allowed. Photographs displaying genitals or exposed breasts are not authorized.

    3. Photos of inmates in prisons or jails are not authorized.

    4. Photos of large sums of money or any other activity that is or appears to be illegal are prohibited.

    5. Photos of children MUST be fully clothed!

    6. Reproductions of information protected by copyright law is forbidden.

    7. Incoming correspondence incorrectly labeled or sent without benefit of a return address.

    8. Any type of currency, checks, drafts, money orders, phone cards, or any form of barter are not authorized.

    9. No social security cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, or any other forms of identification are authorized and are subject to destruction if mailed to the jail.

    10. Any book. (Bibles from the publisher are permitted). Inmates will be limited to three (3) books in their possession at any given time. All other books received from the publisher will be placed into the inmate's property and may be exchanged one for one.

    11. No personal packages of any type will be accepted.

    12. Any publication not issued by main stream publishers.

    13. Photographs including socially unacceptable gestures or the depicting of illegal substance use is not authorized.

    14. Depicts or describes procedures for the construction of weapons, ammunition, bombs, chemical agents, or incendiary devices.

    15. Contains materials that threaten physical harm, blackmail, or extortion.

    16. Any package, box, or mailing container that exceeds the dimensions 8x10 except those from recognized legal sources or professional mail companies, (FEDEX, UPS). ALL INCOMING LEGAL MAIL IS SUBJECT TO INSPECTION regardless of its source.

    17. Any incoming mail not showing a "post mark".

    18. Any mail "stained" or "perfumed" will be returned to the sender or destroyed.

    19. No lipstick, crayon, or marker will be authorized.

    20. Materials or publications from or about persons or groups who advocate the restricting of rights of others.

    21. Materials considered to be of an insightful or inflammatory nature that pose a risk to the safety and security of the facility.

    22. Effective May 1, 2008, inmate-to-inmate mail is no longer allowed between Madison County inmates unless SPECIFICALLY authorized.

    23. The Madison County Jail reserves the right to impose further restrictions if security reasons dictate.